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Trilingual student with a multicultural perspective on life who has grown up with a passion for the world of communications, particularly in the entertainment, beauty and fashion industry. I am a confident and a driven individual with a leader mindset, allowing me to always put effort into anything and everything I put my mind to. Because of my related experience and coursework, I am confident that I will be a productive, complementary asset to any company and workforce community.

Syracuse University, Class of 2022.


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As a student who has experienced multiple cultures and has been exposed to a diverse group of individuals, I have acquired the communication skills that have impacted my experiences in my college and work life. I am a junior at Syracuse University with a passion for all thing’s social media, marketing and advertising.  

Being an international student has given me the tools necessary to build a network with people inside and outside of the United States, which has shown me how to maintain connections with those around me. I grew up watching my father work in the field of Communications, specifically marketing, and found myself to be very similar to him regarding our skills and interests. As a result of my father’s job, I grew up in the television environment and was exposed to the world of Communications. I applied to Syracuse University with a plan of being Pre-Med but soon realized that I was not interested in that major and my skills reflected a profile of a communications and rhetorical studies student. Since a young age, I have always been an extremely outgoing person and found myself to thrive in social scenes. One of the things that helped me confirm that I have an aptitude for communications was my involvement in a sorority chapter. When having to take part in formal sorority recruitment, I was able to see that communicating effectively felt natural to me. I enjoy sharing ideas and connecting with people and my experience with formal recruitment has proven that my communication skills stand out even in a large group. 

Being involved in the world of communication and marketing has shown me that Communications will change radically in the next few years as seen through the change in the public’s demand for television. Over the years, television has become obsolete and is no longer the main source of media. Today, companies are having tremendous trouble finding their clients. I look forward to combining my skills and passion for communication and social media marketing to study this market well and help industries establish their brand and find their clients.

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